DJ Mag Top 100 DJs 2010

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Armin Van Buuren

1 Ar­min Van Bu­uren

"Un­be­li­evab­le, man," sa­ys Ar­min as we bre­ak the news to him on the pho­ne that he's sco­oped the Top 100 win­ner's trop­hy for a re­cord-bre­aking fo­urth year run­ning. "I don't know what to say...
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David Guetta

2 Da­vid Gu­et­ta

Da­vid Gu­et­ta has re­cent­ly tip­ped over the 10 mil­li­on fri­ends mark on Fa­cebo­ok. In the past two months alo­ne, he's be­en rac­king up a mil­li­on mo­re fans per we­ek. It pret­ty much sa­ys all tha...
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3 Tiësto

Tiësto, less bet­ter-known as Tijs Ver­west, is a hard man to pin down. It ta­kes DJmag three at­tempts to get hold of him, thanks to a se­ri­es of de­la­yed flights, ex­tended sto­povers and overr...
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4 De­ad­mau5

The event that most might re­call in­volving Jo­el Zim­merman, aka De­ad­mau5, this year hap­pe­ned on 30th Ju­ly, in Wa­shing­ton DC's 9:30 Club. Abo­ut 50 mi­nutes in­to his set, the mu­sic stop­ped wi...
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Above & Beyond

5 Abo­ve & Be­yond

When DJmag catc­hes up with Abo­ve & Be­yond they're in a ho­tel in Sin­ga­pore, bags pac­ked and re­ady to fly off to Ba­li. The tran­ce trio, comp­ri­sing To­ny McGu­in­ness, Jo­no Grant and Pa­avo Olav...
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Paul Van Dyk

6 Pa­ul Van Dyk

"2010 star­ted kind of ro­ugh," sa­ys Pa­ul Van Dyk, surp­ri­sing­ly, when we call to cong­ra­tula­te him on yet anot­her top 10 pla­cing. "We rest­ruc­tu­red our com­pa­ny and we ha­ve a comp­le­te new te­am...
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Gareth Emery

7 Ga­reth Eme­ry

To bor­row from fo­ot­ball par­lance, 2010 has be­en a year of two hal­ves for Ga­reth Eme­ry. Cru­ci­al­ly, it was the year that he fi­nal­ly pul­led his fin­ger out, knuck­led down and got crac­king on ...
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Markus Schulz

8 Mar­kus Schulz

In an in­dust­ry whe­re egos are li­beral­ly po­lis­hed each and eve­ry day, Mar­kus Schulz is one of the most down-to-earth and le­vel-he­aded DJs it's pos­sible to ima­gine. So whi­le re­ce­ived wis­dom...
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Ferry Corsten

9 Fer­ry Cors­ten

When DJmag catc­hes up with Fer­ry Cors­ten, he is in the midd­le of yet anot­her epic US to­ur. Sin­ce hit­ting San Fran­cisco and LA, he is fresh from last night's show in Pho­enix and just abo­ut...
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10 Ax­well

Ax­well - Axel Hed­fors - do­es not min­ce his words when it co­mes to sum­ming up what has be­en an obs­ce­nely suc­cess­ful year for him: "I ha­ve be­en tra­vel­ling the glo­be en­jo­ying li­fe to the ful...
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DJ Mag Top 100 DJs 2010
DJ Mag Top 100 DJs 2010